I am city councillor with a Master of Science (Industrial Engineering and Management). I live with my wife, daughter, and cat in Kaleva, Tampere.

Why Politics – and Why the Greens?

Climate change was the major reason for me to get involved with politics, beginning with the realization that our current way of life is not sustainable. We must do things better and differently – also in Tampere.

Besides environmental concerns, equality and diversity are the most important values for me. There should be an equal opportunity for all to build their lives. There must be certain basic rights in society, such as having a roof over your head. Everyone should have a home in Tampere.

In my view, diversity means that everyone should have as great freedom as possible to live their lives as long as they do not harm others. It is not the function of the society to fit people into moulds, and especially not into imaginary ones. Owning a car should not, for instance, be considered as a necessity to live a normal life.

I may not be the most eloquent or brash politician, but I get things done. I am able to and want to listen to residents of our city. I know how to turn abstract political goals into reality, such as into bicycle lanes, tramlines connecting city districts, or works of light art that brighten people’s everyday lives during the darkest time of the year.

CV in Brief

Date and place of birth: 3 April 1984, Kuorevesi

Positions of trust

  • Chair of the Green City Council Group 2021-
  • Deputy Mayor, Tampere 2019-2021
  • City Councillor, Tampere 2017–
  • Vice Member of the City Board, Member of the City Group Division in Tampere 2017–19
  • Chair of the Green City Council Group, Tampere, 2017–19
  • Vice Member of Regional Board in Pirkanmaa, 2013–17
  • Vice Chair of the Green Party Council, 2013–15