Key themes

Below are my key themes for upcoming municipal elections of 2017.


Free-flowing traffic

Investment in public transport improves the quality of urban life and reduces traffic congestion. I will push to expand the forthcoming tram network to new areas such as Hatanpää, and to improve bus route coverage. I believe a commitment to low-carbon transport is one of the city’s best strategies to help tackle climate change.

Improvements in the quality of bike lanes will ensure that cycling is a viable transport option all year round. I will also argue for a dedicated cycle highway connecting Tampere city centre to Hervanta.

Pedestrianisation of the city centre should be extended to new areas in Kaleva, Tammela and Amuri. We should encourage pedestrianisation throughout the city, and school students should be able to make their journeys by bike or on foot.


Urban living

The best city is the one in which everyone can live, regardless of their life situation or income level. I believe the city should enable people to live their lives their own way.

The city should be built to allow everyone to live, be, and move around regardless of their age. Local parks and recreation areas are important for everyone, and I will support them.

We need more city in the city — and it should be built on human terms. Car-free living is the norm for ever more people, and this should be taken into account both in terms of investment and construction. By investing in good architecture and ensuring that business premises are integrated into apartment buildings, we can make the city pleasant for both residents and visitors to the city.


Investing in the future

Functional living is a staple of city life. We need to guarantee that quality services are accessible to all age groups, regardless of whether they live in the suburbs or in the city centre.

In the future, the municipality will play a different role, and services should be reformed by investing in making them more customer-oriented. Culture is a key attraction and a source of well-being, and I believe a growing city like Tampere should invest in it.

Everyday services should be close at hand, and those less frequently used should still be well within reach. Through purposeful investments in digitalisation, we can ensure that services are implemented in new and cost-effective ways.